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Save the Girls Touch Screen Purses began after the founder, Tami Lange, had two daughters’ phones bite the dust in the same week. One washed and spun, the other was lost on a hike. Her sister-in-law had a solution. She used her bra as a cell pocket even-though she had breast cancer!

Lange decided it was time to stop the madness. She developed a way for women and girls alike to safely and securely carry their phones.

This product was created for you!

"We all live with our phones now. It is how we communicate, find directions, watch movies and much more, but our clothing doesn't quite cooperate with our phone use.” This is why the Cell Phone Touch Screen Purse is perfect for your busy and full lifestyle.

Enjoy a little bit more peace of mind this year by also knowing our purses help prevent your phone from contacting exposed surfaces, such as counter tops, bars, and other germ infested areas. Our phones can carry 25,000 GERMS per SQ INCH!!! So, by keeping it in our STG touch screen purse, we NEVER have to set it on another gross table top again! It can stay securely in our bag, gently hung across our body, when we are out and about!!

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